In the beginning…

I want to take you on a journey. Come along. The story starts with the Summer of Baseball… visiting 11 baseball stadiums on a 4,000 mile road trip around the Midwest. But traveling for 24 days by oneself can get dull. Some “company” would be nice.

I had been previously using Tinder but with middling results. Sure, I had met some nice women, but this trip didn’t afford me the time for “relationship building”. This was about sex… mostly about giving oral sex. Being subtle in my profile about my intentions wasn’t going to cut it. And just saying “Looking for a hookup” or “Looking for fwb” wasn’t going to get me noticed.

I had to be bold. I had to be direct. I had to state my case clearly and loudly.

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July 21, 2015 – Cincinnati & Louisville (Sara)

I had a few days between my initial 12-hour long haul to the Midwest and my first game in Cincinnati. Tinder wasn’t being very helpful so I used this time to tweak my profile. Yes, being bold was definitely the way to go. I also realized that women in their 30’s and older tended to need a few days notice in order to be “spontaneous”. Tinder’s premium subscription option would allow me to swipe in upcoming cities!

Perfect. Best $19 I’ve ever spent.

I planned that after the game in Cincinnati I was going to be spending the night around Louisville so that I could go to the Louisville Slugger Museum during lunch. I didn’t have a place to stay… figured I’d just nap in my car in a rest area.

But then I swiped right and matched on Sara in Louisville. No, she couldn’t host (i.e., also give me a place to crash) but after chatting with her for a little while I knew she was going to be My First on the trip. I knew she was going to be fun so I booked a hotel room so we could play later that night when I got to Louisville.

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Sara’s Side of the Story

Today we are very fortunate to have Sara provide her perspective on the evening we shared together. Here is her unedited side of the story…

I met James on one of those online websites.  His profile was intriguing, and he was very direct in what he was seeking.  His claim was that he was very orally focused, and that was all that he wanted to do, and he even posted quotes from other recipients of their experiences with him.  Although, initially I was not planning on responding to his profile, I did, and after several discussions with him, I opted to see if what he said matched what he could do.   I figured that I could always walk away if I didn’t feel the chemistry.

We met at a local bar that was known for their unique beer, which was imported weekly from different countries – Germany, Belgium, France, and some local state beers.   He walked in and he looked GOOD.  He was nicely dressed considering he just came from a ballgame in Cincinnati.  He complimented me and said that I was more beautiful in person…”two points for James”.  We sat together and just talked about various things, just trying to get to know each other a little bit better.  Occasionally, he put his hand on my leg and played with the tear in my jeans, at the knee.   It was a small, but sexy gesture that made me want to be more intimate with him.  As I was talking to him, I wanted to know what it was like to kiss him.

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Loose Ends

Before I continue on my journey I’d like to take care of a little housekeeping.

I like lists…

  1. Yes, all names have been changed. All personally-identifiable information has been removed. Privacy is paramount.
  2. Yes, the stories are 95% true. The remaining 5% is just me filling in the gaps of a faulty memory.
  3. I encourage comments, suggestions, and questions.
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  5. And please… tell your friends. Spread the word. Share the fun. The more people reading the blog the more motivated I am to write!

July 23, 2015 – St. Louis (Scarlett)

I was still working out the kinks of my Tinder “advance scouting” so I didn’t have another date set up until the second night in St. Louis.

Scarlett had matched with me. I made the first chat move…I complimented her on her eyes. She complimented me on my smile. Small talk chatting continued and I asked her if she had actually read my profile. She had, thought it was “hilarious and fun” and added that if it were true then “kudos” to me!

We decided to meet for drinks in an up-and-coming trendy area of St. Louis. I saw her walking up to me and was immediately turned on. Tall with short dark hair cut with a “rocker” flair, red lips, 52 but very good genes, and extremely voluptuous. She wore a blue and white dress that showed off her curves and her exceptional cleavage. Over that she had on a faded denim jacket, completing the rocker look. It certainly worked for her!

We hugged hello and I could immediately tell we had a sexual connection. After a few moments of greeting she and I walked into a bar that specialized in making chocolate alcoholic drinks. Yes, you read that correctly. Chocolate. Alcoholic. Drinks.

I’ll give you a moment…….

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Scarlett’s Side of the Story

Scarlett shares her thoughts about our first date…

Swiping right does not come easy for me.  In the year that I have had my Tinder account I have swiped about 6 men and James was only the third that I actually met in person.  I am not into incessant texting, I want to meet quickly and determine whether or not we have chemistry.  Not the kind of “fall in love” chemistry that some people are looking for but pure sexual chemistry.

He was sitting on the bench in front of the Chocolate Bar and I thought wow, what a sweetheart.  When he stood up and hugged me, I knew right then and there, that he had exactly what I was looking for.  He was very handsome.  Winning!

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