Jacqueline’s Side of the Story

Below is Jacqueline’s unedited point of view on our night together…

It was a Wednesday morning and I had awakened to the incessant buzzing of my phone. As I blinked with no intention of fully opening my eyes, I decided to ignore what was pressing and do a quick check of my Tinder profile. What would be of interest this morning? It had been about a week since the short term “committed” relationship I was in ended abruptly, much to my relief I was discovering.

I was leaving for a European holiday in 2 days and had decided that what I needed before I went on my way was a sexual “palette cleanser”. As I sleepily swiped through Tinder I stopped when I saw James. He was very handsome. He looked distinguished in a sexy way. I scrolled down to see if he had opted to include a written profile. He did! It was refreshingly pointed. He spoke about his oral talent and his love for eating out. I wouldn’t say it was boastful, rather honest, and substantiated with quotes from some of the women he had pleasured. I swiped right and it was a match. It seemed that I may now have the opportunity to judge for myself. We chatted for a little while but I didn’t have a lot of time for back and forth. I had a limited window, as did he, so I asked if he would like to meet for a drink that evening. He said yes.

I wasn’t able to be at his hotel until about 10:30pm. He was fine with that and was going to meet me in the lobby next to the hotel bar. He texted me a description of what he would be wearing. I put together a mental image and found myself getting turned on. This was interesting. Will there be chemistry in person?

As I walk in I see him standing there looking down at his phone. He looks handsome and sexy all at once. He hugs me hello and I feel any nervousness fade immediately.

We sit in the bar, have a couple glasses of wine and great conversation. After a little while I have a fleeting thought: “is this going to be an evening of mediocre wine and great conversation?” I say fleeting because at this moment he reaches over and gently touches my arm. He has a sexual electricity that fires through me like a flash of lightening, awakening all my desires. I know at this moment I want him to touch me all over. Minutes later we would be in his hotel room.

James opens the hotel room door and gestures for me to walk in ahead of him. My eyes take a minute to adjust to the dim lighting provided by the street lights outside. I can suddenly feel him close behind me. I turn around, he moves toward me. With one hand on my hip and the other gently on my waist, he steps into me and presses his lips against mine. My body relaxes into his, he is a fantastic kisser. His lips massage mine gently but firmly. We stumble our way onto the bed and continue to paw and tug at each other with more and more intensity. I can feel his hard cock pressed against me and I know I want to free it for him. I sit up and rip my shirt off. His hand reaches behind my back and, in one quick motion, he unhooks my bra and releases my breasts.

He begins to suck and tease my nipples sending waves of pleasure all the way down to my now throbbing clit. I need to be naked now. I need to be pressed up against him naked. We undress each other. His cock seems to jump towards me as I pull everything off his bottom half. It is fantastic. He looks at me and asks only with his expression, ready? I anxiously and exuberantly nod. Yes! Sliding one hand down my leg he spreads me open and buries his face into my now aching pussy.  His tongue licks, tickles and flicks my clit in all the right ways and all the right places. My back arches. Moaning with deep pleasure I begin thrusting my hips forward. My body is no longer in my control but rather entirely in his. He takes his time and explores my pussy. Making sure every crevasse gets the attention it is longing for. I can feel the pleasure building inside of me. I claw at him begging for a release. He knows exactly what I want.

Taking my entire clit into his mouth he begins to suck and twirl. In mere seconds after that I explode into orgasm. Waves of never before felt pleasure wash over me as he continues to eat my pussy and doesn’t stop until I beg for mercy. He gives me only a few minutes before he starts to move down my body positioning himself for round two. I can feel his hot breath against my still throbbing clit. He keeps his mouth close, breathing me in as he slides his fingers inside me.  His hands are magical. He works me hard, deep, just the way I want him to, while teasing and tickling my clit softly.  I can feel my body tensing, I am ready to cum again. I scream with pleasure but this time he doesn’t stop. He isn’t going to show me any mercy. He pulls his soaking wet fingers out of me and takes my clit in his mouth again. Biting, tasting, sopping up every last drop of me. I breathe deeply. I can feel another orgasm coming. I have completely succumbed to him and the pleasure that I am experiencing. I catch my breath and look down at him still lingering. I beckon for him to come up and kiss him deeply. I want to taste myself on his lips, he obliges. It is delicious.

We lay back on the bed, basking in the afterglow and catching our breath. But I am not done with him, not even close. I move towards him and gently wrap my hand around his hard cock. I begin to stroke and play. He is rock hard. At that moment I desperately need him inside of me. I look over at him and whisper, “I need you to fuck me “. He happily obliges.

I spread my legs wide open for him, he climbs on top of me, a lion inching towards its prey. I want him to enter me slowly; I want to feel every inch. That’s exactly what he does!  His cock slides into me like a puzzle piece, fits perfectly. I can feel my pussy wrapping around him tightly. He thrusts forward pushing the last inch of his cock into my soaking wet pussy. I moan with satisfaction, gripping the bed sheets as my back arches. I want him deeper. I wrap my legs around him and push farther, tighter into me. We are moving as one, in perfect sync. The motion is continual, sensual and full of intention. His cock is pleasuring every inch of my pussy and clit with each thrust. My orgasm begins to build, I begin to tremble with anticipation and James knows exactly what to do. He fucks me harder. Harder! I explode into orgasm, my body bucking with pleasure, holding him tightly with my legs I kiss him passionately and dig my fingernails firmly into his back. I can feel him tremble with pleasure. He’s breathing faster, each breath ending with a low moan. I bite his neck and dig in one more time. He’s cumming, hard. He moans loudly several times and collapses momentarily on top of me, breathing deeply. He slowly lies back on the bed. I look into his eyes as I press myself into him pulling him close, lingering in sexual intoxication.


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