July 28, 2015 – Minneapolis (Cara)

I am in the Mall of America when Cara messages me for the first time on Tinder. There is something about her direct attitude that I enjoy immensely. She makes it clear she is interested in finding out if I am boasting about my skills.

My accommodation in Minneapolis turned out to be one of the worst Airbnb experiences I’ve had in a dozen or more bookings. It was a basement “apartment” accessed via a flight of steep stairs with no railing. The space felt every bit like it was underground. The shower was built half-assed and I suspect a building inspector would fall down laughing at it before issuing a citation and ordering demolition. The toilet was essentially in the open with a folding screen being the only form of privacy. The basement slop sink served as my bathroom sink. Lovely. I would not be inviting Cara here.

Cara wasn’t able to host either. She had “roommate issues” she didn’t want to deal with. Cara didn’t elaborate; I suspected she might be married though when I asked she said she wasn’t.

It looked like there would be no opportunity for us to get together while I was in town. I put her in the “two ships” category and mentally moved on.

The Minnesota Twins were on the docket for that night. I needed to work during the day and was hopefully going to play a little hookie with Ellie if she could break free. She could! Before we could meet though, my boss called asking me to work on an urgent project for the CEO. Ellie only had a short window of time and I knew it would be long-closed before I could slip away.

I had to cancel and was feeling very deflated.

As I am wrapping up the work project my phone buzzes. I ignore it.

It buzzes again.

It’s Cara messaging me out-of-the-blue saying:

"I'm home alone, and very ready for company."

Things are looking up!

I make sure my boss has everything he needs and figure out the logistics of how not to be missed for a couple of hours at work. I drive to Cara’s house, walk up the path, and follow her instructions to text her upon arrival instead of ringing the doorbell. She comes to the door matter-of-factly and invites me in while apologizing for the stacks of boxes. “Someone is moving out,” she says.

I’m thinking that “someone” is her husband.

Cara is a few inches shorter than me. She’s in her early 30’s, proportionate body, shoulder-length chestnut hair, lovely blue eyes and a warm smile she flashes before she steps closer and kisses me, testing the waters.

The kiss only lasts a few seconds before she asks if I’d like to go into the bedroom.

Yes. Definitely, yes.

We resume kissing in her bedroom and she’s quickly removing my belt. Cara deftly unbuttons and unzips my jeans. Her hand slips down my stomach, under the waistband of my underwear, and wraps around my swollen cock. She strokes it powerfully, reaches deeper and squeezes my balls. Cara must like what she’s feeling because she has now exposed my manhood and is on her knees wrapping her mouth around it within two minutes of me walking in the front door.

She works my cock deep into her mouth. Even with me filling her mouth I can feel her tongue moving and it’s a wonderful sensation. But this doesn’t last long either.

She stands up and lifts my shirt over my head. Somehow I am stark naked and Cara remains fully clothed. But now that I am undressed she quickly remedies this.

We climb onto the bed, making out and fondling each other. I’m trying to slow things down a little but find myself following her pace. I’m soon kneeling next to her, spreading her legs, and running my tongue down her slit. She tastes almost savory and I want to dive in. I find her clit and flick it forcefully. Cara responds with a far-off moan. I bury my head down between her legs, taking in her warm, musky scent. My mouth now tasting the juices slowly flowing from her as my tongue explores deep inside her pussy.

I move back to her engorged clit, nibbling, sucking, licking, and slip a finger inside her. She’s so wet it glides in easily. My attempt at adding a second finger is thwarted; Cara’s pussy is unusually tight. So with just the one finger I massage her g-spot while continuing to please her with my mouth. I adjust my position to get a better angle. I’m still kneeling but am largely parallel to her body. Cara reaches up and caresses my balls as I am eating her out. She runs her finger toward my ass, plays with my asshole briefly, and then slides her hand back down to play with my balls again.

Her moaning is increasing…slowly. She’s moving steadily toward a peak but is thoroughly enjoying the waves of pleasure on the journey.

My hand is now rhythmically pulling up hard on her pussy. Cara’s moans are becoming vocal. I feel her hands reach down to hold my head. Her legs jerk. She’s suddenly writhing. I keep the intensity up until she reaches her limit and pushes me away.

She takes just a moment to catch her breath and, like a flash, she’s got me on my back and is sucking my cock. I prop my head up with a couple of pillows so I can watch her. Cara sees me do this and makes deep eye contact letting my manhood slide all the way down to the back of her throat. She makes an attempt to swallow me but I’m too large to fit.

Her lips and tongue work expertly now on the head of my penis. She sucks and licks and she’s driving me insane. The pleasure is too intense but before I can object she’s got my cock back in her mouth. She slowly, agonizingly slides it from her lips to the back of her throat. And back out just as slowly. Cara is watching me and can tell I am loving this. She repeats the motion, this time slightly faster. She continues, picking up the pace. It feels incredible but I know I’m not going to cum this way.

I beckon Cara to come toward me, lay her down, move on top of her, and slide my cock deep inside her waiting pussy. We are in standard missionary position but… it… is… good. I rock my hips and feel her tight hole gripping me. She implores me to fuck her harder. I re-position myself so that her legs are now pressed back by my arms. This exposes her womanhood and allows me to go even deeper. Cara moans and she grabs onto my back, pulling me to her. Her hips meet each of my thrusts. Our bodies are pounding together in rhythm. I feel my body tensing. Cara’s is too. I let out a loud moan. She gasps, fingernails driving into my back. She thrusts up at me and I drive into her one last time as we climax together. Her pussy clenches me and I can feel the cum pulsating out of my cock in a dozen powerful short bursts.

Our encounter is intense but over swiftly. She chuckles, refers to herself as “impatient”, wanting to get to the “good stuff” as quickly as possible. Though hurried, the “good stuff” with her is truly “great stuff”.



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