My Type

One question I’m asked quite often is if I have a “type”. I like to say that I don’t; I just love women. All shapes and all sizes. I’ve noticed a few trends in my encounters and they generally relate to personality:

  • Sex-positive (hopefully GGG)
  • Self-confident, self-aware, open
  • Mature/Experienced
  • Intelligent

These are not hard-and-fast rules I’m using to filter out Tinder matches but rather, when I look at who I’ve matched with (and who has not subsequently unmatched me!), these are some of the attributes that always seem to be present. These traits help build a “friend connection” which enhances the sexual connection.

As for body type, I certainly do not have a “type”. I do enjoy “curvy” women or women with “some meat on their bones”. Girls with “boyish” figures can be just as sexy. It really all goes back to personality, attitude, and the sexuality you exude. It can be like a drug to me.

My age preference tends to start at early 30’s (the typical beginning of a woman’s sexual prime!) and has no clearly defined upper bound. Again, I believe this goes back to my desired personality traits. Younger women generally seem to be still figuring out what they like and haven’t yet developed a strong sense of self. Just my theory. I’m interested in “woman not girls”. I’m sure there are plenty of 20-somethings who would be a great fit (i.e., would fit my personality “criteria”, above) however I have yet to connect with any on Tinder.

Do you have a type? What is it? Tell me in the comments.


2 thoughts on “My Type

  1. My type has always typically been very large athletic, football and baseball players. I have never really dated anyone less than 6′ or 225 lbs. I am trying to branch out and try smaller guys now.


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