July 26, 2015 – Minneapolis (Ellie)

It is Sunday and I have a very long drive ahead of me. Kansas City to Minneapolis. It is 450 miles straight northward through Iowa. I have never seen Iowa so I am curious to know what it looks like.

It looks like corn.

The drive is tedious but I know Ellie is waiting for me at the end of it. She had contacted me on Tinder clearly having read my profile. Her first note read:

"Please teach me what my body can do. I've never had the owner's manual and am very interested in its potential."

This is a request I cannot refuse.

Ellie meets me at one of her favorite restaurants in suburban Minnesota, ostensibly just for drinks but it’s late in the evening, we’re losing ourselves in conversation, and we’re hungry. She sips her red wine, I drink my wheat beer, and we share an appetizer of perfectly grilled, juicy steak tips paired with two striking dipping sauces: a savory bearnaise and a spicy chimichurri.

We talk very frankly about our expectations for the evening. Ellie is very open with me but still seems a bit nervous, unsure. She smiles a bit shyly, plays with her long, light brown hair, pushing it behind her ear as we talk. Ellie describes her frustration with her 20-year, mostly-sexless, emotionally-barren marriage. She’s now dating but has yet to be intimate with anyone. My open, non-judgmental attitude toward sex is what has attracted her to me. At first I’m feeling a little like I’m a test subject then slowly I realize that, in a very real sense, she’s looking to me to help her heal… and awaken.

She’s hoping I see her as a vibrant, sexual being. Ellie needs to feel warmth, affection. But even more basic than that, she wants to be touched. Simple human contact. Feeling someone touch you and knowing that you are desired.

I’m still not entirely sure if Ellie wants to take the next step of going to her place. She seems to have warmed to me only slightly. It’s getting late, however. Ten o’clock on a Sunday and the restaurant is closing, forcing the issue. I pay the check and ask how she’s feeling about the situation.

She smiles. Despite her nervousness continuing at a low hum she tells me her address so I can meet her at her home. We walk out to the parking lot together. I had been hoping that I would have left the heat behind in Kansas City but the night is hot and heavy. The summer air is laced with the scent of pine which oddly reminds me of a crisp late autumn day in New England. Ellie turns toward me about to speak but I step toward her and intercept her parted lips with mine. She melts into me.

The drive is very short; we’re there in just a few minutes.She and I are in her kitchen, standing, making small talk. I can feel Ellie’s nervousness. It’s palpable now that I’m in her home and she senses the reality of what she has set in motion. From our discussions, I know this is something Ellie wants. She’s just unsure of herself after all those years of marital neglect.

I move slowly toward her, reaching out for and taking hold of her hips, kissing her gently, and telling her I adore her deep blue eyes. She knows I’m sincere and the compliment appears to relax her. Ellie kisses my cheek and then my neck. In the cool of the air conditioned house, her warm breath tingles my skin. I take her cheek in my hand and kiss her soft lips with a deep passion. Ellie pulls back, takes my hand, and leads me straight into the bedroom.

She sits me on the edge of the bed. I grab her playfully and pull her down to me. Fully clothed, we roll into different positions on the bed, kissing and fondling like high schoolers. Ellie’s nervousness has evaporated. She stands up on the floor. Her long, lean frame stretching as she removes her shirt. She glances at me and sees me smiling, not moving from the bed. Ellie blushes slightly at the thought of being enjoyed in this way, but she continues by unbuttoning her jeans. The zipper slowly makes its way down and I feel she might be teasing me just a little. She bends over as she peels the jeans off. Now, standing there in just her black bra and panties I can see for the first time what a beautiful body she has: she’s tall and thin, her breasts are large, her hips are ample.

Still dressed, I watch her move toward me. Ellie reaches out and begins to unbutton my dress shirt. I make it difficult for her however by moving forward to kiss and nibble her stomach. She manages to complete her task despite my interference. Removing my pants is her next goal which she adeptly accomplishes with my blessing. I’m left with nothing more than my tight black boxer-briefs stretching over my engorged manhood.

She joins me on the bed, slipping next to me on her back. I roll half on top of her, gently bite her neck, and let my hand slowly wander over her bare skin. Ellie closes her eyes, moaning sweetly. My hand slips down between her legs. I softly run a finger up her pussy over her silky panties. Her hips press upward to meet me. She is already on fire; her panties are soaked through.

My mouth moves down to her still-covered breasts. I kiss between them softly and continue to move down. I kiss a trail toward her panties then move back slightly so she will feel my hot breath on her sex. I’m hovering over her pussy, letting the anticipation build. Her back arches and I relent. I take her swollen lips, panties and all, in my mouth. She lets out a quick gasp, reaches out, and presses my head down onto her pussy with a moan of satisfaction.

The sweetly-scented aroma fills my nostrils and intensifies my hunger for her. I nibble and work my tongue under the fabric, tasting her wetness for the first time. My teeth grab onto her panties and pull them down slightly. Ellie wants much more. She elevates her hips and glides her panties off in one swift motion. I slip my hand under her back and unhook her bra. Sitting up, she removes this last garment and then helps me from my boxer-briefs.

I lay Ellie back down and, kneeling beside her I spread her legs open to taste her again. My fingers slip inside her tight pussy while my mouth sucks gently on her engorged clit. Fingers moving in and out. Tongue in swirls. Her breathing becomes increasingly labored. Her womanhood begins gripping my fingers. I reach up with my free hand and gently squeeze both rosy nipples in turn. Ellie’s hips move slowly, rhythmically. My fingers find her g-spot and fuck her with vigor until her body tenses. She’s getting close. She holds her breath as the intensity builds until suddenly she exhales as she climaxes. Her pussy is throbbing and wet.

After Ellie catches her breath she tells me she wants to feel me inside her. I gently push back her legs and move in between them. I let my thick cock rub against her sopping wet slit, teasing her before I unhurriedly slide it in all the way. Ellie wraps her legs around me and pulls me in closer and deeper. We’re in the throes of passion but I somehow manage to remember our conversation about “touch”. I stroke her face and kiss her softy, our lips lingering infinitely close. We stay in this position for a few moments, smiling at each other. She looks happy. Genuinely happy.

My hands run down her sides and she squirms, slightly ticklish, but mostly enjoying the sensation on her skin. Slipping my hands under her bottom I begin to thrust slowly so I can feel every inch of her pussy wrapped around my cock. It’s incredible. I don’t want to to change a thing… but my passion grows and, almost involuntarily, my pace increases. My orgasm is close now. But I stop.

I slide down between Ellie’s legs and go down on her again. Her pussy is now bright pink and swollen, engorged from our playing. She moans as my mouth, lips, and tongue make contact. I take her outer lips in my mouth, pulling and sucking. My tongue moves to explore her soft, yielding hole. She smells delicious. I want to taste her all night but I already feel her tensing up, approaching another orgasm. This one builds but she plateaus just short of satisfaction. I continue pleasing her and, though it’s obvious she is loving how I’m making her feel, the orgasm is not about to happen.

Ellie pulls me up toward her, but pushes me onto my back and straddles me. She slides my cock deep into her waiting pussy. I love this position because now I can watch Ellie. I can touch her body. Feel her curves.

Her hips sit firmly on mine as she rocks back and forth in an upright sitting position. The different textures in her pussy rub around my manhood. Her pace increases little by little. My hands lightly squeeze her nipples, feel the weight of her breasts, then trace the lines of her body down to her hips. I hold onto her for a moment before running my hands up her back then pulling her down to press against my chest. This is the trigger. I can feel her heart racing, her rhythm frantic, she’s aching, panting, and then…sweet release.

Ellie looks at me and, by the grin on my face, knows how much I’ve enjoyed her riding me. She continues fucking. Moving slowly again she lets me feel every inch inside her. My passion is growing. My cock is throbbing. She leans down to kiss me. Ellie’s tongue finds mine and I can’t contain myself any longer. My hips thrust upward and I feel like I explode inside her. The pleasure rockets through my body from head to toe.

I lay there exhausted, panting. She waits a moment before rolling off of me, grinning herself.

Ellie, awakened, snuggles up next to me and falls asleep.


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