July 25, 2015 – Kansas City (Chelsey)

Chelsey caught my eye on Tinder because she was wearing a tiara in one of her pictures. I could think of half a dozen opening lines for that!

She is a quick-witted, sex-positive, full-figured brunette with beautiful features and a naughty smile. We immediately had good chat banter so I knew that would translate into excellent sexual chemistry.

I had explained that I was only going to be in Kansas City overnight and most of the time would involve seeing the Royals. Chelsey understood that I was just interested in eating her out especially given the time constraint: I would have less than 2 hours before I would need to leave for the game.

Her attitude toward sex was invigorating: We’re both adults, it’s fun, let’s do it!

I arrived at my Airbnb in KC with just enough time to hop in the shower before Chelsey arrived. Refreshed from my long drive from St. Louis I didn’t have to wait long before she pulled up in front of the house.

I waited for her on the porch as she walked up the path. She wore a sundress and, as her breasts bounced seductively with each step, I could tell she had decided not to wear a bra. We kissed hello very briefly and I invited her in.

The weather in Kansas City was hot and very humid. High 90’s and damp. The temperature in the bedroom was already probably well-over 80 degrees. We spent the next 15 minutes laughing and joking around as we wandered around the house trying to find the thermostat. Thankfully we (she!) did because our hour together turned out to be hot enough!

Finally back in the bedroom, the air conditioning starting to cool the room down, the ceiling fan working overtime, standing there I pull Chelsey close and feel her soft body yielding against me. Our lips touch gently and sweetly for a few seconds until passion takes hold. Time is dear and we’re both already on fire. I reach up under her dress and I discover she’s not wearing panties either.

That. Is. Sexy.

My intentions are clear. Chelsey willingly spreads her legs to allow my hand to explore freely. She shivers slightly as I brush gently against her outer lips. I press against her clit and her knees buckle slightly in approval. She is soaking wet already. I hold onto her tightly, she grabs onto me, and I begin fingering her pussy bringing her right to the edge.

She stops me there.

Steps back.

Pulls her dress over her head and, standing there stark naked and beautiful, begins to help me out of my clothes.

We get comfortable on the bed laying side by side. My hands wander over her smooth, glowing skin. The air conditioning is trying its hardest but we are steaming up the room and each other.

While Chelsey is laying on her back I get up on my knees and kiss her parted lips, working my way down to her neck, her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach… I reach down and spread her legs wide open. My fingers reach for her swollen, aching pussy. Chelsey arches her back as I firmly grasp onto her with two fingers deep up inside her and my palm rubbing against her clit. Working my hand quickly inside her wetness I bring her to a panting orgasm. I want to keep going but she clearly needs a break from the intensity.

I gently tease and play with her womanhood for a few minutes then shift further down the bed so I am able to lick her clit. As I move in close I take in the intoxicating scent of her sex. My tongue reaches out, makes contact, her body tenses for a moment, and she moans almost inaudibly. One finger, two fingers, forcing a third inside her to stretch her out this time. My tongue works her clit, my fingers work her pussy. I can feel Chelsey’s body tensing little by little. Each minute that passes builds her excitement until finally she lets out a gasp. She twists and turns on the bed while her climax racks her body.

This time I don’t allow her to rest. I’m back at it almost immediately… my fingers manipulating her g-spot. I look at Chelsey and her eyes are closed in concentration… suddenly they’re open and she’s cumming again! Her tight pussy grips my fingers and does not want to let go.

I continue… My fingers working inside her, pressing against her tight muscles until they relax again. My mouth finds her clit once more and I hear Chelsey begin to moan louder, and louder, and louder until, for the final time together, she reaches bliss.

I lay back down next to her while she catches her breath and apologize that our time was so short. She laughs and says that she had to stop me after those 4 orgasms in the hour because she was completely satisfied and simply couldn’t take the intensity any longer.

We dressed, smiling, still joking around. She headed home. I headed to Kauffman Stadium…


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