Scarlett’s Side of the Story – Part 2

Scarlett is back with her take on our full night together…

The game was great as usual, my beloved Cardinals won again!  But as I look over at James, I could not help to think that the Cards are not the only ones who were winning. 🙂

We sat there watching the game and I wanted to lean over and kiss him so desperately but alas, I was wearing my Cardinal red lipstick and well let’s be honest, that would have just been messy.  Imagine if you will, the thoughts of what was probably the hottest thing to ever happen to me in public the previous night, running through my mind so much that I could hardly concentrate on the game, I was already so moist that it scared me.  Keep your cool Scarlett, in due time.

The game was over and we proceeded to get on the escalator to leave and he stood directly behind me, wrapped his hand around my hip and pulled me into him.  Though it was a slight move on his part, he had no idea that I felt like I was going to explode.  We parted company to get our cars, he walked with my friend to her car since they parked near each other.  I proceeded to my car and sit in what felt like the biggest traffic jam ever.  I just wanted to get to the hotel.

It was a typical hot, muggy night in St. Louis so once we arrived at the hotel we both took showers to freshen up.  There is nothing like being fresh and clean right before sex.  He took one first and came out in a towel, he was very sexy and I could not wait to see what I had already felt the previous night.  When I got out of the shower, he set the mood with lighting and I with music.

So it began, what turned out to be the best oral sex I have ever had.  Bar none!!! I have been very lucky in my life to have had some phenomenal lovers.  Not one comes remotely close to James.  He dove into me hungrily.  His tongue really could land him in the Hall of Fame! (just to keep with the baseball theme). I have never met any man that knew a woman’s body, particularly mine, so well.  I stopped counting at fifty orgasms, mostly multiple since he actually knew what he was doing and I soaked too many towels to count.  If you would have told me that I had that much cum in me I would have laughed.   I wasn’t laughing.  I was in pure fucking ecstasy!!!

I cannot even find enough words to explain how special this man is to me and will be for the rest of my life.  All I could think about while he was down there for what seemed like two plus hours, was how in the world am I ever going to pay him back?  Well there was only one way so now it was his turn.  I could only hope that I made him feel half as good as I did.  He did say that he felt several things that he has never felt and I did feel him shake uncontrollably about 5 times so that made me smile.  I have great lips so one thing he did not have to endure were teeth scraping against his very thick, perfect cock.  We ended the session with my absolute favorite position, which coincidentally just happened to be his as well.  Me lying flat on my stomach and him entering from behind.  I was just built for the position and fortunately so was he, it did not take long for us both to have an incredibly explosive, simultaneous orgasm!  I walked around for a week straight with a throbbing pussy, not because it was sore but because it was happy, yes I said it, my pussy was happy!

I told James that I always use songs to explain how I feel about certain things.  I could only think of one song to describe how I felt about him and is Bloodstream by Stateless.  It is an older song but please take a few minutes of your time to listen to it and you can feel the impact he had on me.

Thank you James and hopefully one day we can cross paths again. 🙂


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