July 24, 2015 – St. Louis (Scarlett)

I woke up this morning with the sweet, erotic memory of my relatively brief encounter with Scarlett the night before. A prelude to tonight when we would meet post-baseball at my hotel.

The St. Louis Cardinals game would come first. The Atlanta Braves were in town. Busch Stadium has some nice character… it overlooks part of downtown St. Louis and the Arch. The best part of the place is the fans. This town is crazy about their team.

The beer is awful. The stadium is owned by Budweiser (note that the largest sign in the stadium does not say “Cardinals”, it says “Budweiser”) so most of the beers are the ones you’d find in cases in the cheap section of supermarket beer fridge. I managed to locate something half-decent, maybe a Shock Top? Again, this is not a blog about beer…

Busch Stadium - St. Louis Cardinals
Busch Stadium – St. Louis Cardinals

Scarlett and her friend, Laura, were going to be at this game too. I wasn’t sure what to think about that. Was Scarlett mildly stalking me? Nope, just a nutso St. Louis Cardinals fan! All good. How can I not like a woman who’s into baseball?!?

Our seats were separated by half the stadium. Scarlett and Laura were in the nosebleed seats with several seats open next to them. After a few innings I decided to join them. Scarlett was sultry and oozing sexuality. She smelled wonderful. I could tell she was ready for me even while just sitting there in the stands. Her pouty red lips. Her copious breasts stretching the limits of her v-neck Cardinals t-shirt.

The Cardinals prevailed unmemorably by a score of 4-2 in the snappy time (for modern-day games) of just under 3 hours. There was much rejoicing. Experiencing the game with known “locals” was the best choice I could have made. Scarlett’s smuggled vodka was a nice addition too.

I was trying to figure out if Laura was going to be joining Scarlett and me tonight. I certainly wouldn’t object to that. Laura was a pretty, thin blonde in her late 40’s who looked at least 15 years younger. She seemed fun and carefree. Could have been because she was smashed on just 2 beers. She reminded me of a high school girlfriend for whom I pined for many years. I’m not necessarily into threesomes, but I certainly would not turn down this opportunity.

Sorry readers, but from the casual conversations the three of us were having as we walked to our cars it became readily apparent that Laura was headed home. Maintaining some things as fantasies can be good too. I do believe however that what ensued later that evening was much better than a threesome would have been. Fast forward to the hotel…

As I’m checking in I remember something Scarlett told me: Get extra towels. (And boy do we need them!)

Scarlett and I take turns showering to freshen up before playtime. I clean up first and dress only in a towel. It makes me feel extremely sexy to know she can, with just one quick move, have me completely naked. After a few minutes Scarlett has showered and enters the bedroom smelling sweetly and musky in stunning, leopard print lingerie, her voluptuous body straining against the bonds of the fabric.

Seeing her standing there arouses something carnal deep inside me. I pull her onto the bed and press my lips hard against hers. She moans, darts her tongue into my mouth, and I can feel her giving herself up to the moment. My manhood rises, forces open the towel, exposes my entire body to her. Scarlett’s hand reaches greedily between my legs. She squeezes. She strokes. I need to taste her.

I lay her back on the bed. Her panties slip off easily and I can smell, and now taste, her sweet wetness. Running my tongue down her slit to separate her lips I can feel how hot she is. Her hips press up toward my mouth and I hungrily drive my tongue deep inside her pussy. I work my way back up to her clit, nibbling and sucking. Within a few seconds she lets out a gasp and I’m being showered with her cum. Such a nice reward though I hardly feel like I earned it at this point.

We need those towels!

My mouth seeks out her clit again. It now tastes like her cum and I suck deeply on it. I inhale her fragrances. Running my tongue in a tight circle around her clit as I suck a little harder she cums again, squirting into my mouth.

My face dripping, I get back on my knees and slide the middle fingers of my left hand into her pussy and reach for her g-spot. Her luscious body immediately writhes and twists. My hand is now making a loud splashing sound as she’s cumming hard and squirting, again… and waiting just a few seconds, again. And again.

I rotate between using my mouth and my hands (and a combination of them) to enjoy feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting! her orgasm at least another twenty times over the next hour.

Exhausted, she asks me for a break so she can finally wrap her lips around my cock. I lay back on the bed and feel an indescribable sensation as she takes ALL of me her mouth. Scarlett presses my cock against the back of her throat and squeezes my balls. She works her mouth up and down, around and around my cock for at least a half an hour, several times skillfully bringing me right to the edge of orgasm with my legs shaking.

There’s something I need from her…

I need her to straddle my face so I can eat her out and have her squirt all over my face. I NEED this. She hesitates, concerned that she might drown me. (Honestly, I’m a little concerned too!) But she agrees.

With Scarlett’s pussy pinning me down I work my tongue inside her. Mere seconds pass and I’m literally choking on her squirting cum. It’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. My tongue finds her clit, she grabs onto the wall, her hips shake, and she’s cumming again. It’s all over my face, smothering me, drowning me, I can’t breathe, and I love it.

I extract myself struggling for air. We relax for a few minutes just caressing. She whispers softly that she wants to feel me inside her. That launches us into a lengthy session of exploring several positions. My cock enjoys Scarlett in every way.

After having given her at least 50 orgasms that night she was nearly begging for me to cum. “It’s not fair if I don’t make you cum!” I turned her on her stomach and pushed her down flat. I straddled her and my thick cock drove its way into her sopping wet pussy. We both moaned. It felt like she orgasmed just from that initial penetration!

I held onto her generous, round bottom and began thrusting. I pounded into her powerfully, animalistically for several minutes, every so often her back would arch, she’d climax, and I would feel my balls being soaked with her cum. My body yearned for release. As Scarlett’s soft pussy would grab onto me with each of her orgasms, I drew closer and closer myself. Suddenly I could hold out no longer. Waves of pleasure rocketed through my body.

Fully spent, we collapsed in the small hours of the morning. I didn’t get much sleep but it was sleep well-lost.


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