Scarlett’s Side of the Story

Scarlett shares her thoughts about our first date…

Swiping right does not come easy for me.  In the year that I have had my Tinder account I have swiped about 6 men and James was only the third that I actually met in person.  I am not into incessant texting, I want to meet quickly and determine whether or not we have chemistry.  Not the kind of “fall in love” chemistry that some people are looking for but pure sexual chemistry.

He was sitting on the bench in front of the Chocolate Bar and I thought wow, what a sweetheart.  When he stood up and hugged me, I knew right then and there, that he had exactly what I was looking for.  He was very handsome.  Winning!

After a couple of very good chocolate martinis we decided to head to the park down the street. It did not take long for us to start kissing.  He knows how to kiss and he tastes good, smells good and his cock felt perfect.  I am not one for public displays of affection but he made me long for more.  He slid my dress up, swirled his fingers around inside me and almost brought me to my knees. He pulled his fingers out, covered with my juices and put them in his mouth and said he couldn’t wait until tomorrow night.  That was fucking hot!  Crazy fucking hot!  I could have taken him right there in the park, but I would wait until tomorrow.


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