July 23, 2015 – St. Louis (Scarlett)

I was still working out the kinks of my Tinder “advance scouting” so I didn’t have another date set up until the second night in St. Louis.

Scarlett had matched with me. I made the first chat move…I complimented her on her eyes. She complimented me on my smile. Small talk chatting continued and I asked her if she had actually read my profile. She had, thought it was “hilarious and fun” and added that if it were true then “kudos” to me!

We decided to meet for drinks in an up-and-coming trendy area of St. Louis. I saw her walking up to me and was immediately turned on. Tall with short dark hair cut with a “rocker” flair, red lips, 52 but very good genes, and extremely voluptuous. She wore a blue and white dress that showed off her curves and her exceptional cleavage. Over that she had on a faded denim jacket, completing the rocker look. It certainly worked for her!

We hugged hello and I could immediately tell we had a sexual connection. After a few moments of greeting she and I walked into a bar that specialized in making chocolate alcoholic drinks. Yes, you read that correctly. Chocolate. Alcoholic. Drinks.

I’ll give you a moment…….

Scarlett walked in front of me as we were led to the table. It was the first time I was able to look at her from behind. And WHAT A BEHIND! Yes, “voluptuous” definitely suited her. In a different universe I would have taken her right there… pushed her up against a wall, bent her over, spread her legs, and pleased her with my mouth.

We spent an hour or more drinking chocolate martinis and just getting to know one another. Scarlett was very fun to be with… and boy did she have stories! Sweet stories, work stories, stories that would make an old sailor blush.

As we wrapped up at the bar it was even clearer that there was a connection. Once we were outside in the warm night air, I leaned in and kissed her with intensity. She pressed her body into mine. Oh. My. God. Yes!

Unfortunately neither of us could host playtime so we decided to walk up the street, arm in arm, just being close. There was a park at the end of the street. The night had grown very dark and, it being St. Louis, we were concerned about safety. A couple of locals assured us that this park was extremely safe so we walked into it a little ways, putting some distance between us and the street.

There was a park bench not far from us however Scarlett spotted a bug on it. Apparently she is not a fan of bugs. Even one. Looks like we’re were just going to stand for the rest of the evening. :/

So, standing there on the park path, not far from the street but shadowed well-enough not to be seen by anyone whose eyes were not well-adjusted to the darkness, I kissed her for the second time. Sweetly at first. Feeling her soft lips against mine. Her warm breath mingling with mine until my urgency built. I pressed harder against her. And I was throbbing. Scarlett reached between us and began slowly stroking her hand over my cock, making me moan. Making me yearn for her even more.

I put my hand on her leg and slowly “walked” her dress up using my fingers. She shivered slightly though the night was warm. With my hand now under her dress, her warm kisses grew hotter. I reached between her legs and felt her wetness waiting for me. Moving her panties out of the way I slipped my middle finger up inside her and pressed her g-spot firmly. I explored, stroking in and out, and within seconds she moaned loudly, her legs shook, and she had a powerful orgasm right there in the park. She had squirted and it ran down her leg. And she loved it.

We adjusted our clothing and were thankful for not having been caught by patrolling police. I found out later that, as we walked out of the park, the the deep, g-spot orgasm I had given her had set in motion 3 or 4 more little orgasms soon afterward triggered by the friction of her walking. More of her cum flowed down her leg.

We kissed goodnight and I knew that tomorrow night I needed to get us a hotel room so we could REALLY play.


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