July 21, 2015 – Cincinnati & Louisville (Sara)

I had a few days between my initial 12-hour long haul to the Midwest and my first game in Cincinnati. Tinder wasn’t being very helpful so I used this time to tweak my profile. Yes, being bold was definitely the way to go. I also realized that women in their 30’s and older tended to need a few days notice in order to be “spontaneous”. Tinder’s premium subscription option would allow me to swipe in upcoming cities!

Perfect. Best $19 I’ve ever spent.

I planned that after the game in Cincinnati I was going to be spending the night around Louisville so that I could go to the Louisville Slugger Museum during lunch. I didn’t have a place to stay… figured I’d just nap in my car in a rest area.

But then I swiped right and matched on Sara in Louisville. No, she couldn’t host (i.e., also give me a place to crash) but after chatting with her for a little while I knew she was going to be My First on the trip. I knew she was going to be fun so I booked a hotel room so we could play later that night when I got to Louisville.

But first, the game… I drove into Cincinnati and immediately loved the city. I’m not sure why exactly but I’d love to go back and spend more time there. I realized this before I sat working on my laptop in a hotel/office lobby cafe and watched what seemed to be a constant flow of beautiful and alluring women walking by. I wish I had planned to spend more time there but alas it was not on the schedule!

Great American Ballpark - Cincinnati Reds
Great American Ballpark – Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds play at Great American Ballpark situated right on the Ohio River across from Kentucky. I was truly surprised by its unexpected beauty. From my seat I could take in the expanse of the stadium, watch boats go by on the Ohio, and imagine people gambling in the riverboat docked on the Kentucky side.

The Cubs were in town and battled the Reds into extra innings. Admittedly I left well-before the game ended. In fact the game plodded on for 13 innings and wasn’t even finished when I arrived in Louisville an hour and a half later.

I met Sara at a bar that used to be a church. It kind of had a Gothic feel to it. I love eclectic and unusual places like this! And they had good beer! I’ve been really getting into farmhouse saisons lately and they had a beautiful one on tap. (Part of me thinks this should also be a blog about beer. Focus! Focus!)

I saw Sara through a window, she was sitting at the bar. “Ok, let’s hope the front is as good as the back”, I thought. I walked up and smiled at her and I could tell we both liked what we saw. She was a very young 51, very cute*, a bit “full figured”**, had short bobbed brown hair, and a great smile. Loved her lips. I’m not sure how long we sat there just making small talk. I knew she had been a little apprehensive about meeting a hookup, and with only mild flirting happening between us, I wasn’t actually sure if she’d accept my offer to come back with me to the hotel. She smiled when I asked… and we headed to the parking lot. She turned to head for her car but then did a 180 and, as if she were doing her final due diligence, moved in to kiss me.

And she was great. Those soft lips and probing tongue knew exactly what they were doing. Thankfully we were headed straight to the hotel because after that kiss I was very ready to enjoy her.

We arrived at the hotel and continued kissing, peeling off clothes, and I was soon between her legs tasting her sweet, very juicy pussy. She moaned and writhed and I could tell she was already reaching her first orgasm. I began sucking harder on her clit and brought her to ecstasy. I had a feeling she was a squirter and I wanted to find out. One finger, two fingers, pressing up against her g-spot, and within seconds the bed was soaked. Love, love, love it!

I let her catch her breath and then was going down on her some more. I really just couldn’t get enough. More orgasms, more squirting. Yeah, we should have gotten extra towels.

Sara knew that I wasn’t necessarily looking for reciprocation but she insisted. She laid me down on the bed, got between my legs, and expertly worked her mouth over my cock. She got me sooooo close but then pulled back… and started up again, this time pulling my cock toward her, jerking me strongly and slowly against her gorgeous, ample breasts. She was in total control of my pleasure and she knew it. I came hard, shooting my load pretty much everywhere.

This time it was my turn to catch my breath.

But it didn’t take long before we were kissing and touching and I was rock hard again. She asked me if I would fuck her. As a gentleman, how could I refuse a lady’s request?!? I can’t even remember all the positions we tried. My favorite, and I know it was hers too, was having her pressed down on her stomach with her legs closed and me fucking her deep from behind. She just kept cumming and cumming that way until she was completely spent.

We wound down the night… must have been 3am? 4am? before she left. But before she did she smiled warmly and knowingly and, referring to my Tinder profile said, “You weren’t kidding.”

* I know “cute” is often considered by women to be “only for babies and puppies”. I disagree. It’s a certain look for a woman that’s “pretty” combined with “adorable”. “Cute” is good. “Cute” is very good!

** I like it! It usually makes things more fun!


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